Replace Those Aging Windows For Improved Energy Efficiency and Exterior Appearance

The windows on a house can greatly affect its appearance. In fact, improving the way the exterior of the home looks is one of the most common reasons for replacing those aging or damaged windows. However, the property owner is faced with several choices when considering window replacements. For instance, which type of window frame is the best choice for their home and their lifestyle. The options for window frames include wood, fiberglass, aluminum and vinyl. Vinyl windows can be broken down into solid vinyl frames and vinyl clad wood or aluminum. Many property owners opt for vinyl windows because of the benefits that this material provide.

Vinyl, or more specifically polyvinyl chloride (PVC), is a plastic-like material that can be extruded into almost any desired shape. This allows the manufacturer to create a large assortment of window styles. Another benefit to using vinyl for Window Replacement Atlanta is that this frame material eliminates drafts around the window. In fact, vinyl windows are extremely energy efficient and most manufacturers provide options that improve this factor. One example of this is multiple panes of glass. Two or more panes can dramatically reduce the temperature exchange between different sources of heat. Combine that with low E glass and the efficiency level improves even further. Low E glass is designed to reduce thermal transfer so that the home stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Another possible option is argon gas. Argon, an invisible gas, is three times as dense as air and this makes it an excellent barrier against heat loss.

There are other benefits to replacement windows. New window types provide better security options and vinyl replacements have led the way in this area. The original vinyl window frames were not very effective at keeping out a burglar, but new models have improved by increasing the strength of the locks and the vinyl frame itself. New windows can also reduce the amount of maintenance that the property owner must deal with. Wood based frames require frequent sanding, scraping and painting to keep them protected from the weather. Products such as vinyl windows do not have this problem. A simple cleaning with a mild soap and water solution removes the grime. If the frame begins to look dull after years of service, then a simple application of Carnauba wax will bring back its shine.